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local author Doris Gwaltney
Dixie Belles
updated May-11  

By holding reservations for rooms and/or group events, clients and guests are agreeing to the following policies.
General Policies

bullet Mansion Properties, LLC is not responsible for injuries
and damage
sustained or induced by clients, guests or external staff
either to themselves or to the buildings and furnishings while on
the property (including accidents caused by negligence).
bullet Behavior that is not respectful of staff, guests, and the integrity of the
property will incur financial or situational consequences
as determined by management.

Responsible Private Alcohol Consumption:
Excessive alcoholic consumption is not conducive to our environment.

No Smoking in house or on porches:
Smoking is never allowed in or near the Mansion
, due to the fire
hazard and smoke damage. Guests may smoke
with caution on the ground
but not near open doors or windows of any structures.
Service charges for cleaning to counter smoke damage will be incurred
when evidence of inside smoking is found.

No pets, aside from licensed service dogs. We are animal lovers. But due to  potential damage to costly antique furnishings with even a minor accident as well as the reality that guests with allergies and asthma are much more numerous than the ones traveling with pets, it is best that they not be permitted inside the house. Boarding facilities at our local animal hospitals in and near Smithfield are an option.

Room Guest Policies

Check-In (after 3:30) & Checkout Policy (before 11:00):  Please coordinate
an expected arrival time. Timeframe is usually
between 3:30 and 9:30.
Please inform us if there may be a need for a checkout later than 11:00 so that
we can try to accommodate your request as reasonable.

Breakfast Service: Inform us of all food allergies in advance of arrival. Dietary restrictions are accommodated with sufficient notice. Menu options are offered when available. Breakfast is usually served between 8:00 and 9:00.
We accommodate specific time requests according to the number of guests
and their schedules. A limited one can be served prior to 7:00 upon request.

No Lit Candles or Flame Policy: Burning candles of any size or any devices
which emit a flame
is never permitted, not even in the bedrooms, due to the smoke damage and fire hazard.

Individual Room Reservations
48 Hour Cancellation Policy - $25 cancellation fee:
We trust that you will let us know promptly of a change in plans.
Cancellations adversely affect us. When a last minute cancellation occurs,
it affords us a limited chance of selling the room again. Should situations arise requiring a cancellation in your reservation, we of course, sympathize . . . but must maintain a business policy and stand by our cancellation requirements.

Group Room Reservations A non-refundable $50 deposit is required to hold rooms in the Mansion for group lodging reservations. The $50 deposit will be applied toward the outstanding balance of the primary contact person at the time invoices are issued. Rooms that have not been confirmed and guaranteed with a credit card number 30 days in advance of the event date may be released if attempts to secure them are disregarded.

Event Policies

Parties will abide by all related state, county and town rules
and authorities regarding group activity restraints.

Non-Refundable Reservation Deposit: $50 ~ Due upon written agreement confirmation to guarantee your desired date will be applied toward the outstanding balance of the primary contact person at the time invoices are issued.

Clean-Up/Security Deposit:   $150 ~ Due 2 weeks prior to the event.
The Responsible Party will ensure that the first floor rooms and kitchen are returned to the same clean condition in which they were found. If this is not done, management will have the used areas cleaned at the client's expense. Cleaning, repairs and/or associated charges shall be deducted from the clean-up/security deposit. The remaining balance will be reimbursed within 30 days of the event.

Very Limited Food Storage (hot or cold)!

Music:  Contracts individually arranged with an entertainer must be approved by the Bed and Breakfast in order to conform to existing policies. Amplified music is subject to curtailment if the volume is too loud. The noise level will be kept down in respect to our neighbors, and in accordance with Town ordinances.

Decorations:   Decorations, displays, or floral arrangements brought into the Mansion must have advance approval. No decorations may be attached to any furnishings, nor affixed to walls or ceilings.

No red beverages: Any kind of red colored liquid, to include red punch, wine, or sparkling fruit juice, may not be served because of irreversible stain damage. 

Alcoholic Beverage Service:  Without exception, Commonwealth of Virginia Alcoholic Beverage Control policies will be strictly enforced. If any alcohol is to be served or allowed, a copy of the liquor license must be filed with management at least 7 days prior to event date. Responsible, moderate consumption of alcohol on the property is expected. 
Properly licensed Caterer, under separate agreement with Responsible Party, will provide alcoholic beverage service with attentive caution.  -
OR -
Responsible Party will provide alcoholic beverage service to their guests and
control the amount to preclude ill effects and intoxication.

Refer to  concerning the purchase and
use of one-day temporary (banquet) licenses “issued to individuals for
private events where alcohol is provided at no charge to guests, such as wedding receptions, retirement parties, etc.”
In addition to government stipulations, we require that: A) Alcoholic beverage consumption shall be limited to designated areas inside; B) Responsible Party is responsible for all actions taken against Mansion Properties due to guest activities related to alcohol use; C) No one under the age of 21 will be permitted to consume any kind of alcoholic beverage; D) Mansion staff reserves the right to I.D. any person they feel questionable about and to refuse service to anyone suspected of being intoxicated; 
E) Mansion staff help monitor the amount of alcohol per number of guests allowed to be served on the premises.

bulletManagement is to be kept promptly informed of desired and potential changes to arrangements.
bulletPersons will be designated to watch for damage during food and beverage service.
bulletIn-house furniture may be repositioned only with approval of management.

Other specific stipulations will be included in the actual event agreement.