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Event Policies

___ Parties / guests will abide by all related state, county and town rules and authorities regarding group activity restraints.

___ Management will be kept promptly informed of desired and potential changes to arrangements.


___ Alcohol Consumption Agreement must be signed and a temporary license acquired by responsible party if any amount of alcohol is to be on-site.

___ Persons from your party will be designated to watch for damage during food and beverage service

___ Caterers and food service supplies, equipment, and utensils are necessary whenever more than light refreshments are served or when group size exceeds 12 persons. Management will discuss food service issues (serving, placement, storage and clean-up) directly with the actual persons to provide food service (caterers or otherwise) as needed. Person(s) coordinating food service should meet with Mansion staff to review premises and planning at least two weeks prior.

___ Food must arrive cooked and with little need to be cooled or heated due to very limited storage and preparation means in a non-commercial kitchen. As much as possible, food should arrive in a pre-plated state to be readily served.

___ Use of Kitchen-- The Responsible Party will ensure that the first floor rooms and kitchen – to include any borrowed items- are returned to the same clean condition in which they were found. Trash must be bagged and placed outside. If proper cleaning is not done, management will have the used areas cleaned at the client's expense.

___ No red beverages: Any kind of red colored liquid, to include red punch, wine, or sparkling fruit juice, may not be served because of irreversible stain damage.

___ Menu will be reviewed by management to preclude problem areas

___ Music: Contracts individually arranged with an entertainer and amount of instruments and equipment must be approved. The noise level will be kept down in respect to our neighbors, and in accordance with Town ordinances.

___ Decorations: Decorations, displays, or floral arrangements brought into the buildings must have advance approval. No decorations may be attached to any furnishings, nor affixed to walls or ceilings.

___ No Smoking in house or on porches:  Smoking is never allowed in or near the buildings, due to the fire hazard and smoke damage. Guests may smoke with caution on the grounds, but not near open doors or windows of any structures. Service charges for cleaning to counter smoke damage will be incurred when evidence of inside smoking is found.

___ In-house furniture repositioned only with approval of management

___ Persons from your party will be designated to assist with receiving and placing food items and rental furniture / equipment upon arrival, during preparation and at event conclusion

__ Persons from your party will be designated to greet and direct guests

___ All policies apply, including no smoking inside building or burning candles without permission. Behavior that is not respectful of staff, guests, and the integrity of the property may incur financial or situational consequences as determined by management. Mansion Properties, LLC is not responsible for injuries and damage sustained or induced by guests or external staff either to themselves or to the buildings and furnishings while on the property (including accidents caused by negligence).

Costs incurred include


Rental space for activity timeframe, to include meetings with caterers and coordinators


General clean up prior to event and after, excluding food and beverage service


Kitchen, restroom and laundry facility use


Reserved parking space behind Mansion


Support as available with receipt and storage of rental, floral and food items


Support with monitoring events needs and property damage control

___ ½ (half) of the rental fee is due 30 days prior to event date unless other arrangements are made

___ expenses for any damage to buildings or furnishings will be itemized, deducted from the security deposit and billed separately

Other stipulations, specifications and arrangements will be detailed in the actual event agreement.


___ Alcoholic Beverage Service: Copy of liquor license must be filed with management at least 7 days prior to event date and posted in a visible location at the event. Excessive alcoholic consumption is not conducive to our environment! Without exception, Commonwealth of Virginia Alcoholic Beverage Control policies will be strictly enforced. If any alcohol is to be served or allowed, a copy of the liquor license must be filed with management: one-day temporary (banquet) licenses “issued to individuals for private events where alcohol is provided at no charge to guests, such as wedding receptions, retirement parties, etc.” Responsible, moderate consumption of alcohol on the property is expected. Properly licensed Caterer, under separate agreement with Responsible Party, will provide alcoholic beverage service with attentive caution - OR - Responsible Party will provide alcoholic beverage service to their guests and control the amount to preclude ill effects and intoxication. In addition to government stipulations, we require that: A) Alcoholic beverage consumption shall be limited to designated areas inside; B) Responsible Party is responsible for all actions taken against Mansion Properties due to guest activities related to alcohol use; C) No one under the age of 21 will be permitted to consume any kind of alcoholic beverage; D) Mansion staff reserves the right to I.D. any person they feel questionable about and to refuse service to anyone suspected of being intoxicated; E) Mansion staff help monitor the amount of alcohol per number of guests allowed to be served on the premises.